Arenal Volcano with Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi Hot Springs, Fortuna, Arenal
Pickup from Escazú, San José
  • From 13 to 14 hours.

  • Include

  • Easy


Estimated departure from San José: 7:30 am. Estimated return to San José: 10:30 pm The Arenal Volcano tour with Baldi Hot Springs is by far a favorite among travelers. This tour offers the auspicious site of the mighty Arenal Volcano and the relaxing thermal waters of Baldi Hot Springs. Not to mention the lush vegetation and unforgettable views that make this place one to remember. The impressive Arenal Volcano is a magnificent natural wonder found in La Fortuna (La Fortuna), San Carlos, giving thousands and thousands of tourists the opportunity to witness the volcanic activity, such as the columns of white smoke emanating from the conical shape . giant. It is important to note that the volcano was previously assumed to be dormant, until in 1968, when it experienced a major eruption. En route to the Arenal Volcano there will be a stop in the famous town of Sarchí, known as the birthplace of Costa Rican artisans. In Sarchi, you may very well see an oxcart that holds the title of being the largest oxcart in the world. The cart is made of wood (cedar) and is decorated in bright colors, such as a bright orange. The design is typical and intricate, indicative of traditional bullock carts. The oxcart is two stories high and took 70 days to complete. The oxcart also deserves an honorable mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. Then, the trip will continue, passing through various plantations with agricultural products, including pineapple and mango farms, ornamental plants and cattle ranches until reaching the small town of La Fortuna, and stopping to enjoy lunch in a cozy restaurant with a spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano. You will then move on to relax in one of the best hot springs in the area where you will enjoy the rejuvenating effects of the hot springs, as well as an optional massage or other special treatment that must be reserved in advance. The Baldi facility provided 25 separate mineral water reservoirs that flow naturally from the volcano. The medicinal waters are certified by L.N.A. (Water Laboratory), temperatures range from 93, 100, 102, 104, 109, 110, 113, 116, 152, giving customers a wide range of options to suit their needs. And for a perfect ending, before heading back, a wonderful dinner will be served with a great view of the volcano so you don't miss any opportunity to look at the classically shaped impressive volcano once again.

Tours Activities

  • Visit to the largest oxcart in the world
  • arenal volcano view
  • sarchi town
  • oxcart factory
  • hot springs

Included Services

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Transportation
  • Guide
  • Neoprene Suit

Additional Free Services

  • Dinner

Must Bring

  • Pointed-toed shoes
  • swimwear
  • comfortable walking shoes

Recommended to Bring

  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap/Hat
  • Long shirt
  • Pants
  • Insect repellent
  • Raincoat
  • Cash
  • Sunglasses
  • Smartphone during the tour

Important Information

  • Open 365 days a year. Minimum 2 person.
  • We will pick you up from hotels located in and around the San José area.
  • Pickup times are subject to change.
  • The pick-up time will depend on the location of the hotel, please specify in your request the place where you will be staying or the nearest meeting point, then we will send you our confirmation.
  • Infant seats available upon request, please let us know during the registration booking process.

Activities Requirements

  • Visit To Biggest Oxcart In The World

    • Close Toe Shoes
  • Sarchi Town

    • Close Toe Shoes
  • Oxcart Factory

    • Close Toe Shoes


Cancellations up to 2 days before the date of the tours, a 0% penalty is applied Example: if the visit is on the 10th, you can cancel the reservation at no cost until the 7th (included). Cancellations from 24 to 48 hours before the tour date, a 50% penalty applies. Example: if the visit is on the 10th, the reservation can be canceled up to the 7th (included). Day 8 is cancelable with a cost of 50% of the amount previously paid by the client. Cancellations within 24 hours before the tour are penalized with 100% of the value of the tour. Example: if the visit is on the 10th, on the 9th the reservation is no longer cancelable. Therefore, the previously paid import will not be refunded. In case of NO SHOW, 100% of the service contracted by the client will be penalized and exceptions for returns will not be accepted. Example: if the visit is on the 10th, the reservation is not cancelable on the 10th.


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